Receive “A Future Wedding in Jerusalem” Art Print 

We are excited to go to Israel next week! We intend to bless those we touch with the Love of Yeshua! Each of us will pack a suitcase of items that will bless the hearts of the ones receiving them there in the Land. Please pray for us also that we can offer a word of encouragement, that we would be filled with His Spirit to impart a divine word of His grace of salvation. And also stand with us in giving in this time of need. We want to raise over $6,000 again this year to assist those Believers who are helping others there. Of course, your gift is tax-deductible, but with your minimum gift of $100, you will receive this beautiful original artwork created by Karin Foreman entitled 'A Future Wedding in Jerusalem' signed by the Living Stones of the Land! And for your gift of $50, we will send you this beautiful frame-worthy art piece as a reminder to pray for Jerusalem.

The $6,000 goal is to support the believers and their ministries in Israel. 
As of February 24, 2024, $6,425 has been raised out of the $6,000 needed.
The final day to receive an art print signed by the Living Stones of Israel is Tuesday, February 27th.
"We will continue to raise contributions for any additional needs."
Thank you!
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This complimentary gift, "Healing," is our latest dance series on downloads and HD videos. Please enjoy our gift and consider contributing any amount to support believers ministering in the Land. We thank you and bless you! /the-healing-project-09202022

Here is a list of some of the ministries we will be meeting and serving within Israel:
Heart of G-d Ministries with Richard and Carolyn Hyde
Abundant Bread of Salvation with Brian Slater
The music ministry of Shai Sol
Avi Mizrachi of Dugit
The music ministry of Yariv Goldman and Hands of Mercy
The music & teaching ministry of Micha'el Ben David
Tamar and Talia, translation advisors in Israel for The Chosen series
Rabbi Yehuda Glick - ministry for orphans and widows - Temple Mount House of Prayer
Danny Carmel - Faith Boat
The Aliyah Return Center
Beautiful Land Initiative
Tour Your Roots featuring Artist & Harpist Gaby Danieli


Messianic Dance Camps International presents

The Israel Ministry & Dance Tour 
Becoming Married to the Land!
Isaiah 62:4
Experience a Wedding as we are betrothed to Him and become one with the Land, for He delights in us!

Minister & Worship with the Living Stones as we Dance Through the Land with Prayer and Worship! 

March 3-14, 2024
"Your contributions are tax-deductible."

Tour itinerary – March 3 - March 14, 2024

Day 1 (March 3rd, 2024 – Sunday) – On the way to God’s Promised Land!

Depart from different cities and travel together to Tel Aviv, Israel. Please, try our very best to get to Tel Aviv mid-afternoon!

Day 2 (March 4th, 2024 – Monday) – Arrival in the Holy Land!

We will arrive in the afternoon in Tel Aviv. After the Passport check, and in the carousel area, we will meet our Tour Your Roots’ representative, who will gather us as a group and take us to the reception hall, where we are going to meet our tour operator and guide, Living Stone Yosef Rachamim Danieli. We will stay in Tel Aviv for our first night in the Promised Land. After having dinner, dancing unto our King, and meeting with Living Stones we will have a good night’s sleep!

Day 3 (March 5th, 2024 – Tuesday) - Fellowship with local Living Stones and down to the beautiful Galilee region!

After our first Israeli breakfast we will meet with local Believers - Avi Mizrachi Ministry Prayer Tower/or Coffee House. We will then drive to Old Jaffa, where we will begin dealing with the beautiful story of Peter and Cornelius (Act. 10). We shall then drive and visit Caesarea Marittima, where we shall end with this great story and rejoice through dance! Before dinner we have an opportunity to rededicate our lives unto Him through mikveh in the Sea of Galilee. In the evening we will have a special time of worship with local Living Stones

Day 4 (March 6th, 2024 – Wednesday) – Sites which have to do with some future end-time prophecies.

This morning we will visit Mt. Carmel (1 King. 18), and Tel Megiddo, one of Solomon’s ancient chariot cities, for a view of the Jezreel Valley and the future sight of Armageddon. We will rejoice before Him and then we will revive our bodies with lunch there. We shall end this day on Mt. Tabor, which is one of the possible (traditional) places for Yeshua’s transfiguration. There we will also have a beautiful outlook, viewing the Jezreel Valley (Armageddon). After dinner, for these who wish, we will drive to Yosef’s home sweet home, which is near by our hotel, to have some time of fellowship with Gaby his wife, on the Harp (and other musical instruments!). The visit will also include going down to Gaby’s pottery studio, to see her beautiful unique art works (some are for sale!)

Day 5 (March 7th, 2024 – Thursday) – Yeshua’s Ministry around the Sea of Galilee

Today we will concentrate on places where Yeshua visited, healed, and taught in frequently.  We will also have opportunities for service to the people of Israel. We shall start with yet another potential place of His transfiguration – Nimrod Castel on Mt. Hermon. We will continue with Mt. Bental – viewing the Israeli – Syrian cease fire line, while also considering Shaul’s conversion on the Road to Damascus (These sites and other activities will probably be closed due to the “special situation” in the North!)  We will then drive back to the Sea of Galilee and visit Yeshua’s very “headquarters” – Capernaum. We will end this day with a sunset Boat ride and worship with Living Stone Danny Carmel.

Day 6 (March 8th, 2024   – Friday) – On the way to the lowest spot-on Earth!

Today we are heading down to the lowest spot-on Earth - the Dead Sea. On the way we will visit Beth Shean, which was a very important city in both Old and New Testaments time. We will then drive by Qumran, in which area the Dead Sea Scrolls were found, and on to Ein Gedi, where we will walk in the beautiful nature reserve all the way to the cave in which David and his men hid from king Saul (1 Sam. 24). In the afternoon we will arrive and check in at our beautiful hotel, by the shores of the Dead Sea, so we can enjoy a nice float on its very special waters, and also enjoy the hotel facilities (spa etc.). After dinner we will spend our Erev Shabbat worshiping the King of Kings through song and dance with special guests.

Day 7 (March 9th, 2024 – Saturday): A Sabbath Day of Rest!

It is Shabbat. We will rest, pray, and those who wish, are welcome to fellowship and study His Word in a meeting room, with some “Living Stones.”  Or have a free day to see and enjoy the beautiful surrounding area.

Day 8 (March 10th, 2024 – Sunday) – The Desert Experience & Up to the city of the Great King!

Today we are going to study the desert/s in the lives of true followers of the God of Israel! The “Desert Experience” theme will include visiting sites such as, Tel Beersheba (Abraham & Isaac our forefathers – Gen. 21&26). We will then continue with some “Bedouin Hospitality,” not far from the desert city of Arad. This experience will include a light lunch and a short Camel Ride. We shall then make our way up to the city of the Great King, and time permitting (!), visit a beautiful Model of Jerusalem in Yeshua's time and see some of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the Shrine of the Book. We will then check in our hotel for the first night in Israel's eternal capital - Jerusalem! We will meet with Living Stones after dinner for a time of worship.

Day 9 (March 11th, 2024 – Monday) – Walking through the history of the city in Yeshua's Time

We will start this day with a visit to the City of David, where all the story of Jerusalem began. A visit which will include a 15 century BC (dry) tunnel, and the Pool of Siloam. We will then sit and then dance at the very Southern Steps of the Temple, where Yeshua and His contemporaries sat while studying Scripture. We will end this day at the Western Wall, for some time of prayer, and also for a visit of the Western Wall Tunnels. We will exit the Old City Walls through the Lion’s Gate, to meet our driver who will take us back to the hotel. We will worship with Living Stones and have a Marriage Ceremony and Chuppah after dinner.

Day 10 (March 12th, 2024 – Tuesday) – Walking through the history of the city in Yeshua’s Time – Part 2

Today will start at the Jaffa Gate, where we will enter the Rampart Walk. We will walk on the walls of Jerusalem and then rejoice together through dance, all the way to Zion Gate, where we will discuss its recent history, and then use it to enter the Old City once again; this time to the Jewish Quarter, where we will visit sites such as, the Cardo, and the Temple institute. The rest of the day will be dedicated for a last-minute shopping and getting ready for our next day departure.

Day. 11 (March 13th, 2024 – Wednesday): Last Days in Yeshua’s Earthly Ministry and His Great Suffering! 

Our very last day in God’s Promised Land will start with worshiping Yeshua while seeing the glorious view of the Old City of Jerusalem (Which will take your breath away) from the Mount of Olives. We will walk down to Gethsemane and see its ancient olive trees, remembering Yeshua’s prophetic prayer, for us ‘to be one,’ where we will rejoice through dance. Our last visit will be to the Garden Tomb, where we shall see the empty tomb of Yeshua, and remember that there is still a great living hope for all of us! Just before we have our Fare-Well dinner, outside the city, we are going to “leave something behind,” in remembrance of a loved one! Yes, we are going to plant a tree in the mountains of Jerusalem! After our nice Fare-Well Dinner, we are going to make our way to the airport for our night flight back home!

Day 12 (March 14th, 2024 – Thursday): Safe Arrival back at home – With God’s Help!

Back in the U.S.A, full of joy and wonderful memories of a life changing tour of the Holy Land – By His Grace!

[As always, itineraries are subject to changes.]


TOUR PRICE: Land Only Package Deal: $3380. 


Hotels:  4 Star Hotels accommodations based on double occupancy.  A single room supplementary fee of $1300. will be charged for those who desire a single room.

Meals:  Full Israel-style breakfast buffet and dinner daily. Lunch is not included in the package deal price (with exceptions detailed in the itinerary).  Participants should budget a minimum of $13-18 per lunch meal daily. Soft drinks are not provided but may be purchased with your meals and charged to your hotel room.

Tips:  All gratuities and tips have been included in the price!  Extra “Love offerings” for the guide and/or driver are completely at the discretion of the tour participant.

Touring:  All transportation is by a deluxe air-conditioned motor coach.  All site entrance fees are included in the price. Sights added during the course of the tour may require additional fees from the participants. Transportations from the airport and back to the airport. However, if you arrive at an outlier arrival, then you will need to secure your own transportation and meet the group at the hotel in Tel Aviv the first night. (This is easy to do).

Payments: A non-refundable deposit (which does apply to the total balance) of $300 per person is due and made payable to: “MDCI Messianic Dance Camps International" in the form of cashier’s check, personal check, or money order. Please mail along with a signed registration form to: MDCI, PO Box 5117, Pahrump, NV 89041

If you would like to pay by credit or with debit card, there will be a 4% convenience fee added for each transaction. Please call 661-317-0435.

Balance needs to be paid no later than December 31, 2023.


Flights from the USA to Israel and back!

Passport Application Fees: A valid Passport is required to participate on this tour.  All fees associated with the acquiring of a passport are the sole responsibility of the tour participant.  A PASSPORT IS CONSIDERED NOT VALID IF IT EXPIRES WITHIN SIX MONTHS FROM THE TOUR DEPARTURE DATE!

Trip Cancellation and Medical Insurances:  Insurance to cover trip cancellations or interruptions and health insurance are NOT included and must be purchased from local agents. Please, make sure they cover all aspects regarding Covid-19 and possible changes that might occur due to this crisis. Travel Guard Travel Insurance

Personal Expenses:  Personal expenses such as laundry services, phone calls, contributions for different ministries in Israel and postage are not included.                     

Some Memories of our February, 2023, Healing Dance & Living Stones Tour!