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Our first choreographed Worship In Battle project has ten dances for the battle, and is a two disk DVD/CD set. We have included beginning through advance level dances with the spiritual warrior in mind. In Psalm 149 we see first the spiritual battle and then the physical one, ending with: “This honor He gives to all His Saints.” Let us ready ourselves!

The 11 Newer Song Titles Included Are: Come Join The Dance ~ Mishkanim Revival Plan ~ Greg Silverman Train My Hands For War ~ Carolyn Hyde King Of All The Earth ~ Carlos Perdomo 10,000 May Fall ~ Natasha Kraus-Reynolds Shomer Israel ~ The Lumbrosos Lo Lanu ~ Lev Shelo Enemies Scatter ~ Sue Samuel Yom Zeh ~ Ted Pearce Michamocha ~ Boneh Come My Beloved ~ Jonathan Lane $4 S&H

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