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The New Hanukkah Dance DVD/CD Set

This second volume in the Worship In Battle series is called Dances for The Hanukkah Season and is for such a time as this!

We want to be "dedicated" ("Hanukkah" in Hebrew) as we follow Yeshua. The dances uplift our hearts and souls in dedication unto Him.

We have anointed worship artists and choreographers who are coming together for this new Messianic Dance project.

Musical Artists Include: Deborah Kline-Iantorno, The Lumbrosos, Kendra Martin, Lev Shelo, Zemer Levav, and more!

Choreographers Include: Mindy Seta, Shimrit Hanes, Marianne Wegener, Nicki Tiso, Juli Burkhart, and more!

This is M.D.C.I.'s Eighteenth Production! "Dances and Songs Included are: "Chag Sameach" By: The Lumbrosos "Bless The Lord All My Soul" By: Vince and Deborah Kline-Iantorno "We Believe In You" By: Lev Shelo "L'David Mizmore" By: Zemer Levav "Worthy Is The Lamb" By: The Lumbrosos "Boranu" By: Kendra Martin "Let The Righteous Be Glad" By: Zemer Levav "Lord Of My Heart" By: Lev Shelo "Lev Sameach" By: Sojourner "Tikatev" By: The Lumbrosos

Thank you for blessing Israel, for you also shall be blessed! $4 S&H

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