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Songs of the Rabbi is a beautiful tribute to our Lord Yeshua, of whose dedication to Him we've honored here...

Fifteen New Beautifully Choreographed Dances to "Songs of the Rabbi" CD

Song Titles & Rabbis

"If My People" by Rabbi David Rosenberg

"Aromeemcha" by Rabbi Aleksander Rossinskiy

"Etzhakh Rukhi" by Rabbi Shmuel Wolkenfeld

"Magnify The Lord With Me" by Rabbi Steven Weiler

"Romemu" by Rabbi Ron Corbett

"Meeting You Here" by Rabbi Stuart Dauermann

"Ruach HaShem" by Rabbi Michael Calise

"Shabbat, Shabbat" by Rabbi Howard Tockman

"Messiah's Prayer" by Rabbi Michael Wolf

"Dawning of a New Day" by Rabbi David Chernoff

"Sound The Shofar" by Rabbi Yosef Koelner, Rabbi Jeremy Storch, & Rabbi Chuck Cohen

"He Who Keeps Israel" by Ken Alpren

Baruch HaShem Adonai by Rabbi Jim Rickard

"Open The Gates" by Rabbi Jan Rosenberg

"Heal Our Land" by Rabbi Andrew Zeidman

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