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You can dance and worship anywhere with this portable THUMB / FLASH DRIVE! Open files with ease anywhere you would like to access these wonderful resources without the need for downloading or taking computer space!! Along with these 30 favorites, you will be able to perfect your dancing skills with Basic and Combination Steps; Teaching and Leading Techniques; BONUS TEACHINGS INCLUDE "Gaining Ground" Exercises; Krav Maga Techniques; Flags & Beginning Tambourine.

Includes; beginning, intermediate, and advance level dances from the "Teach Your Feet" series; "Aliyah~Rise Up!"; "Worship in Battle"; "Shalom in Yeshua"; Songs of the Rabbi; & MORE

Dances Included:

Floodgates ~ Great is the Lord ~ Glorious ~ John 3:16 ~ Aaronic Blessing ~ He is the Example ~ Out of Egypt ~ Tremble O Earth ~ Train My Hands for War ~ Lo Lanu ~ Mi Chamocha ~ Chag Sameach ~ Or Chadash ~ Who Has Ascended ~ Hiney Ma Tov (How Good it is) ~ In The Lovin' Arms ~ Out of Bozrah ~ Ma Navu ~ He's Coming ~ Yeshua ~ No Limit ~ Joy ~ Laughter ~ Avinu Malkeinu ("Our Father, Our King") ~ Lechu Neranana ~ Chanun Verachum ~ Betzet Yisrael ~ Shir Chadash ~ Aromeemcha ~ Shabbat Shabbat ~

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