Davidic Line Krav Maga - Practical Knife Defense

          Coach Ronald Finstuen is a Davidic Dancer and man after GOD's own heart, whose heart is for the welfare of His People Israel. In today's climate it is important to be prepared, and it is incumbent upon the individual to learn of GOD's protection for His people. We believe that this is the perfect time to train in this type of defense, and learn to Worship In Battle!!      

     Coach Ron currently teaches Israeli Krav Maga for the JCC. He has developed a method of teaching that is powerful even for the novice student.  He is focusing on his new themed teaching called Krav Maga 360 Iron Dome.
     In Coach Ron's words: "Are you ready to defend against the most common weapons used in assaults? Do you know what they are? Would you like to learn defense skills that can preserve your life and loved ones against weapons commonly used such as screwdrivers, knives, bats, axes and hammers? Combined together, these weapons and the use of unarmed attacks result in much larger crime numbers than firearms. Join me for specialized small group, Defensive Davidic Line Krav Maga training to defend in these areas.

Khazak!" (Be Strong and Courageous!)
Coach Ron

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