A Letter From Messianic Dance Camps International Vol #3

Dear Ministry Supporter and Worshiper, 

I would like to let you know that your good prayers and financial support have been put to work with ministry and outreach this month. At the beginning of the month I shared with you our vision of revival and the revelation of the One New Man, which the New Covenant Scriptures speak of. We have been waiting on Yeshua to see how we should proceed with the vision that He has given to us, and to go into the churches with this message. This month the door has opened for us to speak at a church locally about our ministry, and the four of us also shared a dance. We are beginning to disciple a group who are interested in knowing more about Yeshua (including a pastor), by having shared the weekly reading(s) this past Shabbat at a Bible study. Thank you for praying for wisdom as we continue this meeting here locally. Also, we were blessed to share on Wednesday at a pastor's breakfast with about eighteen local pastors concerning the ministry, and the four of us presented a dance there as well. The lead pastor for this breakfast meeting invited us to come teach at his church on the 5th. Another opportunity has opened for us on the 11th at a Calvary church nearby. Halleluyah! 

As many of you know, we are a One New Man ministry. The New Covenant or, New Testament does not communicate importance on genealogy in its quest for unity. We have all been grafted, or re-grafted, into the Olive Tree of Israel. A wise man and close friend once told me that anyone claiming to be Jewish is Jewish. What I took away from what he said is that if a person is willing to die with the Jewish people, then that should be proof enough. We believe that Israel has been given its Constitution, or Commandments, for those who consider themselves to be a part of this fruitful tree, which we are to tend with Love from On High. For example, someone from the Shabbat group felt comfortable to use a particular name for 'LORD' while reading. I believe Yeshua was pleased for me to interject that each one should use the name for God he or she feels most comfortable with in turn. I think by doing this, and excepting each other in Love this way that Yeshua was honored and happy. I have heard cultic teachers who say that if you do not pronounce His Name a certain way, that you will go to Hell. I do not see that it is our place to judge others this way. Each one of us is unique in that place of maturation; we all are being led by His Spirit. 

I agree with the Psalmist that deep calls to deep at the roar of His waterfalls; as DNA and His Voice are both deep. And the sheep follow him, because they have known his voice. I believe there is a Spiritual awakening happening. People need to see their connectivity with Israel, and the importance of blessing believers there for His outpouring, and for the revelation of The One New Man in Service and Honor.


If you would like to partner with M.D.C.I. this year with your financial support: Thank you very much! Your donating will enable us to pursue what Yeshua is calling us to do. Over the past decade we have been privileged to minister to tens of thousands through worshiping Yeshua with dance. We are currently attempting web broadcasting (with costs of its own), in order to reach all who would be blessed by this ministry. Please let us know if you would like to help us in these fields. We are full-time ministers and work diligently to do all He asks us to by His help. 
Our ministry has been creating worship dance curriculum for fifteen years, our latest series called “Aliyah~Rise Up!” [of which there are three projects] and is meant to bring awareness to these musician/saints/ministers in Israel. We have produced twenty instructionals in total (two-disk sets) that we are currently offering at half price for the entire collection in our store
Thank you for your consideration, and many blessings to you, 
Ralph Seta, for: 
Messianic Dance Camps International 

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  • Anne Kasznay
    Anne Kasznay Lancastmter pa
    Was involved with groups in Fl and C t. Wish I could chat with someone. from your group. Going on vacation till Oct 9th. Have your 717 number. Hope to reach prson then.

    Was involved with groups in Fl and C t. Wish I could chat with someone. from your group. Going on vacation till Oct 9th. Have your 717 number. Hope to reach prson then.

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