Visit The Living Stones With MDCI

Hello Everyone! 
We are still traveling in the U.S. on our Worship In Battle Summer Tour and we are getting so excited about going to the Land for Sukkot! If you are planning on coming with us and have not done so, please contact Shalom & Aviva Evan 866-592-1818. They are available to answer questions and help with your air portion as well. We would love for you to be with us and we are praying that He would bring those He is calling! 

Everyday we will be dancing as we tour Eretz Israel and meeting with the Living Stones there. We plan on being with Elazar & Krina Brant, Simcha and Bella Davidov, Mikhael and Orit Murname, Richard & Carolyn Hyde, George and Rivka Whitten, Brian and  Rachel Slater, Oxana Eliyahu, and more. Several of these are artists who we will worship together with in the sukkah. They all have great testimonies, vision, and ministries. They share about what is currently happening in the Land and in their lives. You will hear how the Lord is using them in a mighty way and stay connected to the land through their ministries! This is a wonderful way to fulfill Romans 15:25-27 

Please keep praying that the Lord will accomplish His purposes through us while we are there. Please continue to pray for a powerful time! (BTW I love this pic! Loic our guide is in it. He is the gentleman on the left looking up.) 

Much love, 
Ralph and Mindy 


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